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Let's Make A Change

Helping those with mental health challenges requires treatment and care from a variety of healthcare professionals. The Dr. Steven R. Budoff Mental Health Educational Scholarship Fund's mission is to provide educational opportunities to those interested in pursuing any of the careers in the behavioral health field. 


The Fund also recognizes those facing mental health challenges themselves as an untapped talent pool, and provides scholarships that help elevate these individuals as contributors to our communities.


Here's who we are, what the scholarship Fund will look like, and how we make it happen.


Fund Administration


Chabad of Hunterdon County has a strong track record of facilitating large-scale social and humanitarian programs in the community.

  • Food, clothing, and furniture assistance

  • Homebound / retirement home / hospital visitations and care packages

  • Holiday toy drive and Thanksgiving meal program

  • Drug and alcohol rehabilitation

  • Counseling

  • AMA accredited adult educational classes focused on mental health


  • Plan to launch initiative in the fall/winter 2021

  • In conjunction with presenting Community Leadership Award to dinner honoree Dr. Steven R. Budoff

  • Inaugural Video presentation highlighting the new initiate.

  • Initial scholarships awarded 2022

Indian female graduate student Depositph


  • Scholarships are open to people of any background.

  • Other strategic corporate partnership and scale the program to the widest audience and increase and grown impact geographically.

  • Several scholarships and growing number of scholarships.

  • Different amounts of scholarship $1000 $5000 etc.

  • Grand award after smaller award

  • First year 2 scholarships

  • Board presentation at the event

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