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There is great demand in the health care industry for professionals dedicated to helping those with mental illness.

At the same time, those  coping with mental illness often discover that they face special challenges when they seek educational opportunities. 


The Steven R. Budoff Mental Health Educational Scholarship Fund aims to address these needs by providing educational scholarships to two groups:

  • Any individual who would like to pursue a qualified degree in the mental health profession.

  • Any individual on the mental health spectrum who would like to pursue and enroll in a higher education program


The fund was launched with a grant from community leader and activist Dr. Steven R. Budoff, who is dedicated to expanding educational resources and opportunities for the mental health community.

The scholarship will be facilitated through a strategic partnership between the pharmaceutical industry and the non-profit community. Its advisory committee is comprised of doctors, professionals working in the pharmaceutical industry and mental health fields, and educators. 


The fund will be overseen and directed by Chabad of Hunterdon County.  

About Us


"We believe that with support and access, all people, regardless of their place on the mental health spectrum, can succeed in higher education, redefine their future, and change the world."


Our Advisory Committee is comprised of doctors, educators, and pharmaceutical industry and mental health professionals

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